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Creating The Divorce Agreement That Allows You To Truly Move Forward

Some liken the divorce process to an emotional roller coaster. While it is certainly true that divorce can bring out the worst in people, divorce also often presents an opportunity to grow. At Law Office of Diane St. Yves, PLLC, we work with you to ensure that your divorce provides you with the means not only to survive the ups and downs, but to emerge stable and steady and to thrive.

Staying The Course

As experienced divorce attorneys, we can provide the seasoned guidance you need to not only understand what is available but also be put on the best path to attain your goals. We take on your case with your best interests as our No. 1 priority. We listen to what you tell us you need. Then we work assiduously to creatively problem-solve and negotiate strategically on your behalf. We navigate this process by using the North Star of your desired outcomes.

Many Facets Of Texas Divorce

We always work towards your best interest. This typically means that we work to ensure that your lifestyle will not be negatively impacted because of the end of the marriage. There are many considerations when it comes to ending a marriage. These include:

  • Child custody: We create parenting plans that put the needs of your child first.
  • Child support: We determine what will support all of the physical needs of your child.
  • Modifications: These can be made to support and custody plans.
  • Division of assets: What is reasonable to expect given your relationship, potential and lifestyle? Our practice includes business and multiple property valuation and division.
  • Divorce agreements: We negotiate the terms outside of court that are in your best interest.
  • Litigation: When prudent, we will take your divorce to court.

Texas is a “no-fault” state. This means that any married person who wishes to pursue a divorce can do so. Divorce can be contested or uncontested.

Contested Or Uncontested Divorce Terms

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested refers to whether you and your spouse have reached agreements as to the terms of the divorce. In every divorce there will be terms.

These terms will include:

  1. An agreed parenting plan providing for custody, rights and duties of each parent
  2. Possession and access for each parent and child and medical support

If you have reached or anticipate reaching an agreement in your case, then your case is considered an uncontested divorce which helps to streamline the process. It is rare that a case is fully uncontested; however, if the parties and the attorneys work together, resolutions are reached through the mediation process or through an informal settlement process.

A contested divorce is not always avoidable. It can involve protracted litigation including discovery, depositions, court hearings and a multiple-day trial either to a judge or a jury.

The divorce process is designed to help reach agreements or prepare for trial, so that the judge or jury can order the terms. We continually strive to help clients reach agreements outside of court. However, we are always preparing for trial if negotiations fail or in cases where it is in your best interest to have your case taken to trial.

The Team With The Certification And Experience That Matters

We know that there are many possible outcomes for you divorce. We work to ensure that you attain the results that matter. Firm founder Diane St. Yves is board certified in Texas family law. She, attorney Ashley Coleman and the rest of our staff are highly skilled in all facets of divorce.  Call our Houston office at 281-816-4258 or connect with us by using our online contact form.