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The Tools You Need As Life Moves Forward

As we age our needs change. Most of us realize that it’s best to create a plan while we still have the mental acuity to clearly express what we want to happen and what we’d like to avoid.

At Law Office of Diane St. Yves, PLLC, in Houston, we will take the time to create the plan that works for you. We will take into consideration both your goals and your family dynamics. This way, you get only documents you need.

The Different Ways We Can Help

As a firm with a focus on family law, it makes sense that part of our practice would include estate planning. Our team helps with will creation, probate administration and incapacity planning.

Creating A Will

When you get married or have children, it is a good time to create a will. A will sets down “who gets what” and can itemize the assets you have. We will go through your accounts and ensure that they either have a designated beneficiary or a transfer on death assignment. We will also discuss who you choose to raise your minor children in the event that both you and the other parent are unable to. A will can also contain a power of attorney and health care directive.

Texas Probate Administration

We also handle probate administration. Probate is what happens to someone’s estate (all of the things someone owns) after the person dies. While some estates can avoid probate, others will need to go through this state process. Probate begins when a person’s will is filed by the person named in the will as the executor.

Then the executor will pay debts and notify beneficiaries. If there is no will, the state administrators will decide how to distribute the estate assets. We work with executors to ensure a smooth process. If there is no named executor, an attorney will be necessary to represent third party interests.

Planning For Incapacitation

There are several helpful tools that are available to help plan for an unexpected health crisis. Having a will, power of attorney and health care directive are three main tools that can help your family know what to do in the event that you are unable to tell them.

Get A Clear Picture Of What You Need

Call our team at 281-816-4258 and have a discussion of the tools you may need to plan well. You can also connect with us via our online contact form. We serve clients in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas along with South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley.