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Exploring options: open adoption

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2023 | Family Law

Adoption can be both exciting and worrisome for adoptive parents. It is exciting to welcome a new member to the family, but at the same time, they may worry that there are answers critical to the child’s life that only biological parents can provide. Fortunately, couples may find it helpful to know of and explore open adoption.

In an open adoption, the adoptive parents allow birth parents to continue communication with the child even after the completion of the adoption.

Form and frequency of communication

The communication between the child and their biological parents can be regular or irregular. The contact could be in the form of photos, letters, emails, phone calls or in-person visits. It can also be through digital forms of communication such as social media sites.

The form and frequency depend on the agreement between adoptive and birth parents. Usually, the main factor considered is the comfortability of all parties.

It can be a mutually beneficial setup

This setup may feel unusual to some, especially those who are new to adopting. But open adoption may benefit both the child and the birth parents. It can be helpful for the child to know and understand their adoption story at an early age to have a better sense of themselves and understand why their biological parents had to give them up for adoption.

On the other hand, knowing that their child is in good hands can give incredible comfort to the birth parents, who may be taking their time to come to terms with the adoption.

It may also be beneficial for adoptive parents, as this allows them to ask any questions about the child’s history, especially about health.

A different perspective

While this setup may not be the best choice for some, it is a good option to explore for those who find it fitting under their circumstances.