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What should you know about a prospective divorce lawyer?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Family Law

As a Texas resident whose marriage has not worked out, you will probably consider hiring a divorce lawyer. Before settling on a lawyer, however, there are some things you will want to know as you will want someone who understands your position and can provide the best support during the divorce.

The lawyer’s experience

Divorce is a very complex process that will have an impact on your life so you will want to know about your prospective lawyer’s experience, including the types of cases they have handled and how these cases were resolved. You should also find out your prospective lawyer’s experience with resolving cases out of court, as it is often in the best interest of both spouses to avoid litigation.

Who does the lawyer know?

Some relationships in the prospective lawyer’s life can impact the outcome of your case. Some of these relationships include familiarity with your spouse, their lawyer and local judges. If your prospective lawyer has a close relationship with your spouse or their lawyer, this might create a conflict and that lawyer might not be right for you. Finally, it is also important to find out if your prospective lawyer is knowledgeable and familiar with the local judges and how they rule.

The lawyer’s style and workload

Before you decide on a lawyer, you will need to know their style when it comes to handling divorce and how busy they are. Some of the things you might ask about include:

  • Their preferences when it comes to mediation and litigation
  • Their experience with negotiating divorce settlements
  • Who they usually include in a divorce team
  • Their availability to the client
  • Their retainer and hourly fee
  • The kind of support offered to clients

Doing research before choosing your lawyer is a necessary step. The lawyer you ultimately choose needs to be on board with your own vision and hope for the divorce process.