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How the government defines eligible disability

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Firm News

The Social Security Administration is diligent when it declares an applicant disabled, and especially if the applicant is eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. It has established rules that are used when evaluating each potential beneficiary that determine if they meet the standard set forth in the guidelines, also known as the Blue Book of predetermined disabilities. However, the rules also allow for those with multiple medical issues to be approved when their host of problems are similar to a prior approved condition. This applies to Texas, including those who are approved for Supplemental Security Income handled through Texas Health and Human Services.

Describing disability

There are two general rules that apply first in evaluating Social Security Disability claims. First, there must be a documented medical issue that has been diagnosed by at least one medical professional. Subsequent medical exams will typically be performed by an independent physician offering a second opinion. Secondly, the medical problem must last for a period of at least 12 months or end in the death of the applicant.

Individual disability analysis

After the general evaluation is complete, the SSA will then look at the individual medical problems claimed by the applicant and assessed according to how it impacts their ability to maintain substantive gainful employment. Applicants for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are evaluated according to the type of working they have historically performed, and they must be able to stand for at least two hours at a time if they are laborers or sit for an extended period of time as well if they are sedentary workers.

Those applicants who have traditionally held office jobs will often have more difficulty winning a claim early in life based on their employment history. They must also have at least 20 Social Security tax receipts earned in the last 10 years worked with each year having a maximum of four credits annually.