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3 things to know about bird’s nest parenting

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2023 | Family Law

Parents who are going through a divorce must determine an adjusted “best way” to raise their children. One consideration they need to ponder is what type of custody arrangement they will have. While some parents choose to move into separate homes and have the children go back and forth, there’s another option to consider.

Bird’s nest parenting enables the children to stay in the family home without worrying about moving back and forth between homes. This isn’t a common parenting arrangement, but it’s one that some parents may want to consider.

Parents rotate in and out of the home

In the bird’s nest parenting style, the parents move in and out of the house based on their parenting time. The parents must have somewhere to go when they aren’t living in the family home. Sometimes, the parents may share an apartment or home away from the family home since only one will be there at a time. Other parents find that having a shared space outside the family home isn’t ideal, so they each obtain their own place.

Plans for the home must be clear

Because both parents maintain ownership of the family home, there must be a clear plan for when the children become adults and move out of the house. In some cases, one parent may buy the other out. In other cases, they may sell the home and split the profit.

Expenses must be shared

One aspect of bird’s nest parenting that isn’t easy is that the parents must decide how expenses at the family home are divided. This can be done equally, or it can be done on a percentage basis based on each parent’s income.

All agreements regarding this parenting arrangement must be put in writing so both parents know precisely what to expect and what they’re responsible for. Formalizing an agreement with legal assistance can also help to ensure that the arrangement is enforceable should disputes arise.