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When can you modify child support?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Family Law

Most decisions made during a divorce or non-marital split between parents of a minor can be modified under certain circumstances, including child support. If your circumstances change substantially, you can potentially request that the court to modify your child support order.

Here are a few examples of a substantial change in circumstances that may warrant a child support modification.

A change in income

If your income decreases, perhaps you lose your job or move to a low-paying career and, in turn, can’t afford to make child support payments and simultaneously live comfortably, you can request to change the child support order. Any decrease in income must generally be involuntary to result in a valid reason to modify support. Additionally, some parents request to raise their child support payments when their income increases.

Additional children

If you are legally responsible for other children – perhaps you have a new kid with your current partner or have adopted one – you can request a child support modification to more effectively meet the needs of all your dependents.

A change in your child’s medical insurance coverage

If the circumstances related to your child’s or children’s medical insurance coverage changes that you can no longer carry it, you can request the court to review your child support order. It can be difficult to pay high insurance costs and meet child support payments simultaneously.

If you are potentially in a position to modify an existing support order, by seeking legal guidance, you can better understand the steps to take to better ensure the success of your efforts.