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Is alcohol addiction a ground for divorce in Texas?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2023 | Family Law

In their wedding vows, couples usually say they take each other’s hand in marriage for better or worse. However, some spouses can only take so much of the difficulty. In the case of marriages wherein one spouse is addicted to alcohol, which negatively affects the relationship with no chance of recovery, the other spouse has no choice but to opt for divorce.

Permissible grounds for divorce in Texas

Fortunately, Texas is both a fault and no-fault divorce state. This means that while spouses can file for divorce without putting the blame on each other, they can also bring a divorce petition due to cruelty, adultery, a conviction of a felony and abandonment.

Noticeably, the list does not include alcohol addiction. Does this mean it is not a ground for divorce in the state?

Alcohol abuse can be a ground if it falls under the fault grounds

Given that each case is unique, Texas courts can still grant divorce on grounds not directly expressed in the law if they indirectly fall under the mentioned fault grounds. This includes reasons such as alcohol or substance abuse, impotency and infertility, among other reasons.

For instance, a spouse’s alcohol abuse can be a form of cruelty if the addiction leads to cruel treatment that renders further living together intolerable. But then again, what counts as cruelty depends on each judge’s interpretation based on the available facts and circumstances.

So yes, a spouse’s alcohol addiction can be a ground for filing for divorce in the state.

Overcome your doubts through research and representation

If you have decided to file for divorce but are unsure how to proceed, adequate research and competent representation can help you navigate divorce. Not only will these help you understand the nitty-gritty of the process, but also support you in maximizing results that will serve your best interests.